Attitude Attire: Wear Your Warning Label

Melodie Henderson

Posted on April 10 2019

Attitude Attire: Wear Your Warning Label

Well, hey Girlz, hey! It's of those days that feels like it should be Friday and isn't, and that's kind of rude, but okay.

We did find some t-shirts to go with our attitudes, though, and just in case you were having the same kind of day--or might in the future--here are some things you can wear. Just consider them warning labels! 

Whatever is the classic dismissal, and always good to have on hand! Anti Social is the perfect way to shut it down before it starts....except people always want to know where you got that shirt! Tell 'em GGB and then walk away, girl.

Feeling Young, Wild and Free? We've got a shirt for that, and when you decided to kick it up a notch, throw on our Reckless tee! The third level of that would be the Donkey Tee, for all of your Bad A** antics.

It wouldn't be an attitude post without a Texas tee, so check out They Hate Us Cause They Ain't Us!

When you make it to the end of that fake Friday, change into your PJ pants and our Wine Not tee, and pour yourself a nice glass of Try Again Tomorrow.

All of these super-soft graphic tees are unisex fit, crew neck and pre-shrunk, so check them out, along with our many others....but before go, remember: You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but we aren't looking to attract flies! 

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