white wrap vest for womenAs autumn deepens into winter, more and more fashionistas will be layering their clothes in order to keep warm (we’re even getting winter weather in Texas this year!). But layering can pose some fashion challenges, and if you’re a curvy woman, you’ll want to layer in a way that shows off your figure—rather than simply covering it up in too much fabric! At Glitzy Girlz Boutique, we choose the latest fashion styles for all sizes, and we’re excited to offer our favorite cold-weather outfits for curvy women. Read our advice on how to layer clothing for curvy women so you look hot, even when it’s chilly).

Add Volume in A Way that Flatters

When done right, layering clothing should look refined and put-together—there’s more of an art to it than simply piling on those long sleeved tees and sweaters. Try to pair figure-hugging items, like fitted t-shirts, with more voluminous pieces, like knit boutique cardigans, so that you feel comfortable and your outfit feels balanced. Or, if you are wearing a bulkier sweater or jacket on top and adding a shawl or scarf, try to pair those items with leggings or jeggings for a slimmer look on the bottom—even in winter you totally deserve to look and feel cute because, girl, you are!

Play with Textures and Patterns

Layering clothes is a great opportunity to combine lots of complimentary fabrics and patterns in one outfit. One of our fave outfits for curvy women involves pairing distressed denim with a simple tunic or tee shirt made out of soft cotton and topped off with a super cozy flannel vest for a festive fall look that is just perfect for punkin huntin’. You can also add a bandana or an infinity scarf if you’re looking to add yet another layer. Then, pair with your favorite ankle boots and you’ve got your new weekend look ready to go!

women’s red and black plaid vest

Establish Your Color Scheme

To create a super coordinated layered look, put together a color scheme for each outfit—this will keep your layers from looking haphazard and instead will help you tie together all the different elements. Start with your most colorful item—in many cases, this will be a patterned shirt or sweater—and choose one or two colors from that pattern that you’d like to emphasize with the other pieces. From there, you can add leggings or a scarf in a second color—in this case we might recommend using another color found in the shirt.

If coordination isn’t your best skill, don’t worry, girl! When you shop the Glitzy Girlz Boutique, you have the option to Shop the Look, so if you love the head to toe style in any of our online images, you can make the whole outfit yours with a few simple clicks! 

Try Going Monochromatic

Wearing one color from head to toe has a body-elongating effect and will definitely make you look like the fashion maven you are. The trick to pulling off monochromatic outfits for curvy women is to wear items that all fall within one or two shades of each other and to keep your textures varied, so that you don’t end up looking too disjointed OR too matchy-matchy.

Experiment with Length

One of the essential elements of learning how to layer clothing involves experimenting with different garment lengths. A shorter, cropped jacket can look amazing paired with a long tunic or sweater, while a drapey, romantic cardigan will go beautifully with leggings and a more fitted t-shirt. Like working with various textures and patterns, working with different garment lengths will help create that polished, put-together look that distinguishes the chicest outfits.

ong olive cardiganLayering with Dresses

While at first glance it may seem like you can only layer with pants and leggings, you’d be missing out on some amazing outfits for curvy women if you didn’t seek ways to layer your dresses too! When considering how to layer clothing, dresses with sleeker, more form-fitting silhouettes generally work slightly better for layering, as pouffy, voluminous shapes can look awkward or unflattering when other garments are added into the mix. Again, thinking about length will be helpful here: try pairing a maxi dress with a cropped vest or jacket, or a shorter dress with a longer cardigan. Layering is also an amazing way to extend the wearability of your favorite summer pieces if you live somewhere that gets chilly (come on Texas, we’re dreaming of a white Christmas too!)—just add a vest, kimono, or sweater and a favorite pair of leggings or tights, and you have a year-round outfit.

Add the Finishing Touch with the Right Accessories

Adding the right accessories to your layered outfits can help emphasize the proportions, color scheme, and textures in your outfit. We love a soft, luxurious scarf paired with edgier fabrics, like distressed denim and faux leather, or a long dangling necklace framed by a long cardigan. As with any look, adding a belt at your waist will also go a long way to help your ensemble look defined, and draw eyes toward your amazing curves in the most figure-flattering way possible! But, before you go, remember the words of Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton, “in life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves”. Happy shopping!



November 16, 2018 — Melodie Henderson

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