The ideal strategy to dress for a curvy shape is to choose items that will highlight your positive features and complement your feminine curves. If you have curves, you can be a plus-size girl or a regular-sized person with a big chest and full hips. It's typical for women with hourglass or apple body types to have a curvier figure, but it's quite possible that you have a different body than these two mentioned.

High Waist Jeans - A Saviour

They fit close to the body and emphasise on the curves more than other parts of the body. High waist jeans are not only more comfortable but would also give you a slim look. 

On the other hand, lower waist jeans do not complement the shape of your body. Hence, avoid wearing them. 

Wrap It In Style And Comfort

If you want a style that guarantees a look incredible on a curvy figure, look no further than the wrap style. Wrap dresses and tops define your waistline and compliment your curves. But the most incredible thing about wrap dresses is the comfort they offer. Wrap Dresses are flattering and comfortable, both at the same time.

Form Fitting Clothing

If you have a naturally curvy figure, wearing clothes that are not body hugging might add bulk on the parts that are not required. Loose-fitting clothing with little contour or structure is the reverse of form-fitting attire. These seem to be the go-to styles for curvaceous women because they seem to accommodate their ample curves, according to several curvy ladies. The problem is that if your figure is not defined by your clothing, they will just hide your curves and make you appear overweight. You look much better by wearing clothing that gives your body some structure and shape because of your curvaceous figure; shapeless clothing does not flatter your body.   

V-Neckline- A Constant

With a curved body type, a classic neckline is something to really embrace. Although curvy proportions look beautiful with many various necklines, the v-neckline is a constant that you can depend on. A v-design neck focuses the attention vertically, emphasising a defined waist and framing the face for double the benefits.

Colour Blocking

It's always fun to play around with colours. The basic concept of colour blocking is to simply wear solid colours and put them together in one piece. These can be complementary hues or even the same attire in various tones/shades. A highly interesting method to style and highlight a curved shape is to wear a solid-colored top and combine it with a separate solid-colored bottom (such as slacks, a skirt, or shorts). It's a subtle trick to define the waistline because the top and bottom are divided at the waist. 

Sheath dresses

There are several popular dress silhouettes for curvaceous shapes besides the wrap dress. Another style that would look fantastic with curves is the sheath dress. Sheath dresses are the ideal silhouette when you want to flaunt your curves in a form-fitting design because of the snug fit they offer. The nicest thing about sheath dresses is that, although being form-fitting, they don't feel overly constricting, giving you enough room to feel comfortable wearing them all day.

And if you are in dilemma on where to start then here’s a quick guide to basic style:

Take Away

Don't pay much attention to the size, if it flatters and fits, wear it! 

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October 31, 2022 — Felicia Herron

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