Countdown to Sparkle!

Melodie Henderson

Posted on December 14 2018

Countdown to Sparkle!

Well, hey, girlz, hey! We’re ankle deep in wrapping paper and up to our eyeballs in eggnog, and starting to look ahead to New Year’s Eve, because we don’t have to do anything for that holiday! Anything except look ab-fab, that is, so take a look at these show-stoppers—each come with their own resolution to hit this New Year with no fear, and no hesitation! So let’s go—gear up and get ready to welcome 365 days of new opportunities to Shine! You can see the full Countdown to Sparkle Collection at

Out In the Open Sequin Jumpsuit

Resolution #1: Be who you are! Jump into the New Year with no fear in this sleek, chic sequined jumpsuit with plunging neckline. 

Keep It Steady Sequin Pants

Resolution #3: Shine every time you get the chance! It's easy in these elegant silver sequin pants--and keep them around for Vegas trips and decadent wedding guest wear! Elastic waist band, soft cotton lining.

Looking Around Sequin Pants

Resolution #4: Let 'em look! It's your turn to be the star in these showstopping black and silver sequin pants with flared hem! 

Angels Singing Sequin Dress

Resolution #5: Sing like nobody's listening! This holiday dream is so well-orchestrated, it's positively heavenly! 


Waiting on Midnight Dress

Resolution #6: Shake things up! You don't need an excuse to shake it....but this dress is a great one! 

Lock and Key Faux Leather Leggings

Resolution #8: No excuses! Go get what you want and wear these leggings when you go!

Center of Your World Dress

Resolution #11: Take the bull by the horns! You'll be seeing red when you wear this sequined stunner, so slip it on and show everybody who's in charge! Short sleeve, pullover shift dress with back button.

Make An Explosion Jumpsuit

Resolution #12: Love yourself! It's the best gift you can give, so start with that beautiful lady in the mirror, wearing a super-chic black jumpsuit with tulle drape and lace and sequin bodice.

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    Where can I find the sizing on these items?

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