Football Graphic Tees with Serious Game Day Vibes

Melodie Henderson

Posted on November 06 2018

game day vibes graphic tee

Hey, Girlz! We just love the change of seasons, because that means new wardrobe pieces! We know that most of the rest of the world has four seasons, but here in North Texas, it’s a little different. We get Summer, Football, and Deer Season. Don’t worry, though—even if you don’t hunt or hustle, we’ve still got sweet and sassy game day graphic tees that will keep your look right on trend!

A Play-by-Play of Fun

talk football to me tee for women

Be the cutest fan in the stands (football, not deer) with our Talk Football to Me graphic tee. Yeah, most of us already know the fundamentals of football, but don’t you know they just love explaining it to us? You can look cute while you pretend to listen! Better yet, get one for your guy and then put him on the bench so you can give him your own play-by-play. The dark color goes with literally everything, so you’ll have no problem putting together a totally adorable outfit. Plus, you won’t have to worry about staining one of your favorite football graphic tees if you decide to challenge him to a game in the backyard!

Small Town Girlz

small town legend graphic tee

We’ve all heard the saying the everybody is famous in a small town, but it takes something special to achieve Small Town Legend status! Support your football star with this adorable design, or get him one to go with his braggin’ rights….and that story you’ve heard a thousand times, am I right? For those still earning their stripes, check out our History In The Making shirt, so they’ll know you believe in them!

Show Your Loyalty

women’s Dallas Cowboys tee

Hustle and Heart, Game Day Vibes, and The Huddle is Real are all perfect football graphic tees for any fan and any team, but if you’re a true-blue Cowboys fan, you gotta have the Don’t Doubt My Loyalty tee.

All of these tees are running outta here like the game’s about to start, so you better hustle if you want one! Whether you’re someone who gets excited and yells at the TV or you are just a casual watcher, we’ll make sure you look great! As our own Glitzy Girlz photographer, Mel, says, “I don’t like really like to watch football, but I do like to look cute while it’s on.” Same, girl, same.

If you’re nearby, come see us at the Sherman, McKinney, and Gainesville stores or shop anytime (even halftime) online at Add to your collection of game day graphic tees and always remember these words from Bear Bryant, “When you get in the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.”

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