GAME DAY Roll Call: Where our Football Mamas at? Tell us what number you're reppin' and who your player and team are, we wanna see ya BOYS and bonus points if you've got any players who are GIRLZ!

We love pro ball and college ball but nothing gets Texas fired up like Friday Night High School Football, and COVID sacked most our season last year so we are READY! There's no crisp air here yet, so ya'll drop them temps in your comments, too.

What we do have is the sound of the marching band, tailgate parties in the parking lot, the cheerleaders the whistles and cheers and--the bell and the stadium lights that can be seen for miles in a small town on a clear Texas night. Then there are the boys. 

The rumble as they huddle up before the game, hands stacked and pounding helmets and shoulder pads. The run onto the field with all the fanfare from their families, their friends and honestly, the whole damn town--because people here don't give up season tickets when their kid graduates. It's not just a thing, it's iconic. 

Glitzy was lucky enough to get to be on the same team with some of  our Sherman Bearcats when they showed up to help us out during the Great Shipping Delay of 2020 and they have our hearts!

Grab your cooler and get your Glitzy on, and let's go, Girlz! Show 'em if you got em, and look for the Glitzy Game Day Collection later today so you'll be to SHOW UP this season!


September 10, 2021 — Melodie Henderson

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