Gen Z is Coming for Your Skinny Jeans!

Melodie Henderson

Posted on February 24 2021

Gen Z is Coming for Your Skinny Jeans!

 Cancel culture is a thing, and sometime it's funny. It's all well and good when it's something we're over--I can't believe it took until 2020 for Lea  Michele to get cancelled--but when Gen Z came for Skinny Jeans, the curvy girls weren't laughing anymore.

The denim trend forecast calls for straight legs and wide cuts--not always a curvy figure's best friend. Trends are trends, and while it's great to mix it up every now and then see if you feel flattered by a different style, it's hard to give up the security of a wardrobe staple. 

Skinny jeans are great at hugging curves, and for many women, showing off some of their best assets. They're super stretchy, feel good on and give a great silhouette. 

Luckily, you've got Glitzy, and our skinnies aren't going anywhere! I talked to our #1 ambassador, Lauren Brazee, (photo) about her feelings on the trend, and here's what she had to say:

 "When I found skinny jeans it was like finally something for just me . I’m so used to wearing things to please others in my formative years that the thought of giving up something that was actually made for girls like me is laughable . They will have to pry skinny jeans out of my cold dead hands they will NEVER be out of style . Thank God for Glitzy and a team who truly cares that women of all sizes feel good in clothing!"

What about you? Clinging to your skinnies or ready to try the trend? Comment below and tell us what cut of denim you feel best in, and what you want to see more of on the site and be entered to win a pair of FREE Glitzy Denim! Winner will be chosen Monday, March 1. 

Shop curvy denim here!  


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  • Lori Ramirez: July 11, 2021

    I definitely prefer the boyfriend cut, mid-rise with a little distressing. I feel too old and too fat for skinny jeans… I can’t wait for that trend to die.

  • Melodie Henderson: March 01, 2021

    Congratulations, Kristy Shultz! You have been chosen as the winner of a FREE pair of Glitzy Denim! A link was emailed to you to choose your style and size. Thank you to all who commented!

  • Lesley broussard: February 28, 2021

    I like the boyfriend style jeans!

  • Jen Jackson : February 27, 2021

    I do love skinny jeans, but I think I can get down with some straight leg, I just wish the trend wasn’t to have everything ripped up! I like them for casual, but the cutest ones are always ripped and I can’t wear those to the school that I work at!

  • Megan B: February 27, 2021

    I purchased my first ever pair of skinny jeans today from you and can’t wait to try them! I recently put my insecurities about my size aside and have been work on loving my body. I have been branching out to new styles I always admired on others but never thought they were for me or my size.

  • Megan: February 27, 2021

    I finally gave into buying my first pair of skinny jeans today from you guys and I can’t wait to try them! I have always thought they looked great on everyone but I still couldn’t Get over the insecurities I had as a curvy girl. Recently I have embraced where I am in my size and I am working on loving my body. So I am jumping out of my comfort zone and trying new clothing styles I normally would have avoided.

  • Cassie Conley: February 27, 2021

    I was afraid to wear skinny jeans but actually LOVE them now. Just had to find a company that cares for making curvey girls look great and feel even better!

  • Paige Schmidt: February 27, 2021

    SKINNY JEANS!!!!! I never used to like skinny jeans until one day I was forced to wear them and I don’t think I have ever worn anything else. Skinny jeans give me the confidence to do anything I want. High rise is the way to go but I will also take a mid rise skinny Jean, I just love them so much!! They can try and “cancel” skinny jeans but they are going to have to get through me and all my skinny jeans first!!

  • Clarissa: February 27, 2021

    Skinny!!! I like mid rise and high rise, depending on my mood for the day. Typically, high rise wins.

  • Aleah: February 25, 2021

    High rise skinny jeans with a cuff! And my hair parted to the side 😆

  • Isabella Nava : February 25, 2021

    I absolutely LOVE the skinny high rise!! They make me feel extremely confident and beautiful!! I’ll forever wear skinny jeans no matter if they “go out of style”

  • Michelle Mueller : February 25, 2021

    I’m a bootcut girl! I feel like it helps even everything out lol!

  • Kirsten Steele: February 25, 2021

    Definitely a bootcut girl. Never been a fan of the skinny personally.

  • Emily Price: February 25, 2021

    Bootcut jeans have always been my favorite and what I feel most comfortable in. I do like to wear skinny jeans every once in a while though.

  • Meriah: February 24, 2021

    High Rise skinny jeans for me!!!

  • Becky: February 24, 2021

    My favorite fit of jeans are and always will be boot cut and flare. I think they are the most flattering on me.

  • Adi Day: February 24, 2021

    Skinny jeans all the way! I would like to see some jeggings on the site. The best of comfort and style.

  • Adi Day: February 24, 2021

    Skinny jeans all the way!
    I would like to see some jeggings on the site. The best of comfort and style.

  • Kelly Emsley: February 24, 2021

    High rise skinny, please! High rise to make the rolls look like 1 roll, instead of the 4 that are there. And skinny, cause when I tried wearing a wider leg, I got a breeze up the pant leg and I don’t like a cold woohaa!

  • Kristy Schultz: February 24, 2021

    Mid- rise skinny jeans are my favorite! I have them in several colors, lengths, distressed and non distressed. I have curves and these look best on me. And I am about to 50 and will whatever I want!

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