Well, Hey Girlz, Hey! After all the hype, it actually did happen--we're in a brand-new year, and that's 365 chances to have an absolutely beautiful day! 

I hope you've heard by now that Glitzy Girlz is kicking the year off with a six day sale to give you 25% off, site-wide! While you're stocking up on boss basics and sassy sweaters, we just want to throw a little tip out there. If you check out our New Year's Collection at www.glitzygirlzboutique.com, you'll find a lot of super-sparkling, sequined and beaded looks. I hope some of you enjoyed ringing in the New Year in those looks! If your countdown attire was a little more low-key, we think you should take another peek at this collection--here's why:

This is the first day of the year, and if you have an occasion coming up in the next 12 months where you need to be a style star, girl.....go grab up one of those looks while they're on sale! Bachelorette Party? Girl's Weekend? Vegas Trip? Anybody get tickets to a cruise for Christmas? We're thinking formal night is the perfect place to show off your shine! If you managed to get tickets to any of the Chris Stapleton shows, we're super-jelly--but also, snag a pair of these sequined pants and our Darlin' shirt, and put a little rock in your roll!

Enjoy the sale, we don't forget to eat your black-eyed peas today, and come get some glitter in your cart!


January 01, 2019 — Melodie Henderson


DonnaWilson said:

Would love to see these in plus size! So gorgeous!!

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