The heat index was 107 here when all things pumpkin arrived to spice up our lives. Are we really going to Fall for this every year? Yep. It's about to get REAL basic in here.

Unless you're on vacation you can't really pull of a hat every day, but Fall? It's made for hats. It's still too hot for wool but we're bringing straw with us everywhere we go these days--trendy, chic and lets us throw a little shade.

Even if you've never been a head gear girl, These four straw styles let you ease into our favorite season like you've always been a hat brat.

Accessorize with a sparkly pin, flowing scarf, scatter some glued on pearls or add a colorful hair wrap or headband to the crown or go glam with a tulle veil and don't forget the sunglasses for drama!

August 25, 2021 — Melodie Henderson

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