Hey, Girlz, Hey! Whether you're going on week-long trip or a quick getaway, you need a vibe to go with that vacay, and we've put it all into a chic collection so you can grab and go! 

Remember when shopping our website for any special occasion it's best to order 10 days before you need it, just to ensure you have it on time.

Check out the Glitzy Girlz Boutique Vacation Vibe Collection here: https://www.glitzygirlzboutique.com/collections/vacation-vibe

Check out Taylor's packing video, too--she's getting married THIS WEEKEND, Girlz, but she took the time to show us how to get everything paired and packed for a cruise, including an AMAZING packing tip-- so grab a tropical cocktail or put a tiny umbrella in your latte and watch Tay get ready to say  'Bon Voyage' to the single life! 


Pack Layers!

Planes and ships can be chilly, ports of call can be tropical and warm, and you can be island chic no matter the temp if you take the right layers. 





Double up!

Leggings double as travel and lounge wear, and they look and feel great. Ours are fleece lined, so they keep you warm on the ship, too! You can wear them with a tee or a cute top, or add a denim jacket like Tay for extra style!


Take dresses and rompers that can go to the pool with flip flops or to an open air market with a wide-brim hat and a little bling! 






Dressing for Fun!

Dresses work for exploring a new city, meeting up with new friends for dinner or a date night on your vacay! These choices travel well and look and feel great.




Now that you know what to put in your suitcase, you can fill it with all things Glitzy and look great on the go! Don't forget to use Tay's packing tips to get it all in there, 




Scheryl Rivera said:

Y’all need to sell some curvy swimwear

Veronica said:

love these looks! I bought items similar to these outfits from https://shopyourfit.com/ohyeah

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