How to Dress Your Amazing Shape in Curvy Plus Size Boutique Clothing

Melodie Henderson

Posted on November 16 2018

black maxi dress with floral print

You know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Learning how to dress for a curvy figure should be fun, and at Glitzy Girlz Boutique, we strive to make fashion enjoyable for women of all shapes and sizes. There’s no one way to dress your body, and looks will vary depending on your unique shape and style, but we’ve compiled our top tips that we think all women should know. Read our blog to find the latest curvy plus size boutique fashion looks and get our advice for dressing your amazing curves.

Determine Your Body Shape

Not all plus size bodies are created equal! Depending on your individual characteristics, you’ll want to dress in order to flaunt your assets and make the most of what the good Lord gave you. You might be curvier on your bottom half and have a narrow waist that you love to show off, long legs that look great in jeggings, or maybe you have sexy shoulders that you’ll want to show off in an off-the-shoulder top. Consider your best assets and dress in a way that makes you feel incredibly confident and beautiful!

Make Sure You Find the Right Fit

Fabric and fit are key in creating the right wardrobe for your curvy body. Curvy plus size boutique clothes that fit oh so right will help show off your shape, rather than hiding it under too much darn fabric. Form-fitting styles will feel feminine and pretty, so keep an eye out for curve-skimming dresses that emphasize your waist and drape in all the right places, skinny jeans that don’t sag or bag around your legs, and tops that fit snugly without feeling overly tight.

Elongate Your Figure

No matter what shape you are or what size you wear, just about every woman on the planet could use a few pieces that help elongate the body. There are a few ways to add the illusion of a few extra inches. One way is to wear monochromatic pieces: think black tights paired with a little black dress, or dark blue jeans and a dark blue top to match. Another way to elongate your figure is to wear items that draw the eye downward, which includes longer pieces, such as maxi dresses or drapey boutique cardigans. By making the eye travel up and down the length of the body to take in the whole outfit, you are creating the impression of height (even without a pair of heels!). 

Layer with Careolive sweater over floral top

When you layer clothes in the cooler months, think about adding style, patterns, and texture, not bulk—or else you run the risk of hiding your curves under too many pieces of ill-fitting clothing. Instead, try several layers of curvy plus size boutique pieces made from thinner fabrics, which will still allow your natural shape to show through, all while keeping your cozy and helping you look so on-trend! We love adding a warm, fashion-forward vest to any top or dress for a fun layered look that won’t weigh you down. Ready for apple pickin’, anyone?

Pay Attention to Necklines and Hems

Necklines and hems are natural points of emphasis in any garment—they direct attention and draw the eyes toward certain areas of the body. Make this work to your advantage with necklines that flatter—when in doubt, a subtle v-neck is just perfect for almost everyone, as it elongates the torso and helps frame the neck and face. For skirts and dresses, the most flattering options are usually maxis or knee-length styles, which end at narrow points on the body in order to help your curves stand out.

Explore Patterns and Prints

checkered printed top for women

Once upon a time, people used to advise against patterns and prints when it came to how to dress a curvy figure, but boo to that! We’re all about rocking cool fabrics in a variety of colors and styles. We adore patterns as an exciting way to add color to any woman’s wardrobe. If you’re not used to wearing bold prints, we recommend starting small, perhaps with boutique cardigans or a sweet top with a mixed print. Then, once you get in the groove, you can go totally bold in a fun and feisty printed dress that will be perfect for work, the weekend, and anything in between.

Add the Right Shoes

Make the most of curvy plus size boutique styles with shoes that compliment your outfit and add a little pep to your step. While every woman should own a pair of knockout heels for special occasions, for day to day we are partial to cute ankle boots or booties, which will help elongate your figure for both daytime and nighttime looks. Look for versatile, easy-to-wear boots in neutral hues like black, brown, tan, and gray that will work with most items in your wardrobe. Once you’ve got those basics covered, go ahead and experiment with embellished styles or brighter colors to add even more punch to your outfits!

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Styles

The most important rule for dressing your curves is to make sure you wear only what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Explore new trends, wear your favorite styles, and do whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident. Fashion is always changing, which means each season brings new opportunities to discover what makes you look and feel amazing. Keep your eye on our site or follow us on Instagram (@Glitzygirlzboutique) to see our latest curvy plus size boutique looks. And, before you go, remember that everybody is unique, and every body is beautiful.



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