Women come in all shapes and sizes, and what better way to celebrate our beautiful bodies than through fashion choices that empower and embolden all of us? The body positivity movement is stronger than ever before, and it means wonderful things for the way women approach style. On the Glitzy Girlz Boutique blog, we’re here to explore ways that fashion can encourage body positivity and make all women feel beautiful and strong. Read on for our favorite ways to rock clothes for curvy women and learn how to be body positive with amazing curvy boutique clothing.

Use Accessories to Accentuate Your Curves

Women's fashion accessories can be a girls’ best friend when it comes to defining your style and expressing yourself! Highlight your assets with accessories that make the most of what the good Lord (and your Momma) blessed you with! Don’t be afraid to wear a statement-making belt that shows off your waist and defines your curves, especially when you’re wearing a dress or skirt. You should also have fun experimenting with different ways to rock dramatic jewelry, such as glitzy necklaces, statement-making earrings, or big bangles—nothing says confidence quite like look-at-me baubles!

Explore New Trends

Trends aren’t reserved for one body type—curvy women have just as much fun exploring of-the-moment fashions as anyone else. If you’re thinking about how to be body positive in your fashion choices, one of the best ways to do so is to show that trendy styles can work for every woman’s shape. The best clothes for curvy women incorporate the latest styles in fashions that are made for your shape. That can mean a luxurious-looking maxi dress for dinner dates, an off-the-shoulder top for nights out with the girls, or boho-influenced bell sleeves that will be perfect for weekend brunches.

Embrace Form-Fitting Athleisure

Athleisure looks are still as popular as ever, thanks in part to celebrities who are constantly rocking this gym-inspired style. Athleisure’s emphasis on stretchable, comfortable fabrics means this look is super cozy to wear to that lunch with your friends, or while running errands on a Sunday afternoon after church. If we’ve learned anything from this trend, it’s that these clothes don’t just belong in the gym. In fact, athleisure is a great way to spread body positivity, as these form-fitting styles will show off your shape. To incorporate this trend in your wardrobe, think affordable curvy clothing like cozy leggings, loose, airy cotton tops and tees, and warm vests that keep you looking super cute and sporty!

Take Risks with Prints and Patterns

Like fantastic jewelry, bold patterns and prints are a wonderful way to show off your curves and dress with total confidence. There are some fabulous clothes for curvy women that experiment with patterns and prints, including bright stripes, animal prints, paisley, and florals and that are available in figure-flattering shapes you’ll love. We particularly love leopard print styles for this fall if you’re looking to feel feisty and fun, and camo print is more popular than ever, and not just for deer season! Don a casual camo print top with denim and layer it with your favorite scarf for a no-brainer autumn look.

Rock Fitted Jeans Made for Your Body

A good pair of jeans is a curvy girl’s best friend. Don’t hide your figure in a pair of oversized or poorly fitting pants—instead, commit to a much more body-positive style that is made with your shape in mind. Look for jeans and jeggings that offer stretchy fits, in order to ensure that they hug your curves properly, and have fun exploring denim styles that fit in with your sense of style. Whether you prefer a bohemian, distressed look, or a more polished appearance, there are plenty of affordable curvy clothing and jeans that will help you radiate debutante-like confidence.

Play with Flirty Silhouettes

You’ll look and feel oh-so-pretty when you embrace super feminine styles. Keep an eye out for clothes for curvy women that are full of frills and girly detailing, such as sequins, for those occasions when you want to project a flirty and fun attitude. Looking for a decidedly ladylike dress? Try a lacey style that can be dressed up with high heels or dressed down with boots and tights.

Have Fun With Light Layers

Wearing layered clothing is a fantastic way to combine several of your favorite pieces into one outfit—but be sure to layer in a way that still shows off your figure and doesn’t hide your body under too much fabric! We love combining different textures, patterns, and colors in one thoughtfully-layered outfit for a coordinate and flattering ensemble: a cozy, jewel-toned top will look great when paired with jeans and a beautiful floral-print open cardigan. Plus, you’ll be ready for any kind of weather or situation and can easily adjust your layers according to your surroundings.

Dress with Attitude

No matter what you wear, the most important way to be body-positive through your fashion choices is to approach your wardrobe as a way to express your personality. The best clothes for curvy women are made for your shape, but also make you feel more like yourself. The only hard and fast rules we have are to dress for yourself, experiment, and most of all, have fun finding what makes you feel good! And, before you go, remember that you are stunning.

November 16, 2018 — Melodie Henderson


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