Want to know how to keep your cooler, cooler?

Bet your sweet ice you do!

In all seriousness though, cold drinks are essential on hot days and we are here sharing a few tips and tricks we have found to properly prep your Glitzy cooler.

Here in Texas we like our tea sweet and our drinks COLD! How you prepare your cooler 100% plays a factor in how much time you have before needing to add more ice.

Cooler 101s from some Southern Glitzy Girlz, tested in Texas heat!

1. Cool your cooler. This may sound silly but we are being serious.  If you are like us, your cooler is stored in your garage. (Leaving it on the warm side.)  Just like cranking your AC down doesn't instantly cool off your house, dumping ice into a hot cooler only melts your ice. Cool off that cooler and let the ice do its job to cool it off the rest of the way and keep your drinks chilled.

2. Cool off your contents. Same concept as #1 but different item.  This is an ice chest, not a deep freeze that you can plug in.  Extend the life of your ice by giving it a fighting chance. Room temp or chilled drinks allow that ice to maintain the chilled factor longer. 

3. Outside air is not your friend. Make sure you are taking advantage of all the cool features of this cooler, including the air tight closure.  Pull those tabs back into place once you pull out that ice cold drink. That chilled air is like money in the bank . . . or "chill in the drink" in this case! Make sure you protect it!

4. Don't drain your cold water.  Water in your cooler is only part of the game.  It means your ice and cooler are working! That cold water helps insulate your ice and spreads the chill. It's tempting to dump it BUT, girl, don't do it! Don't believe us?  Try this: hold a piece of ice in one hand and stick the other hand in icy water.  Which hand gets colder faster? Now imagine that hand is a refreshing drink  . . . ok, ok, you get the point. Ice + cold water = colder contents & longer ice life.

5.  It's all about the ratio. We are talking about the amount of ice vs. the amount of items. If you are not able to use pre-chilled items you are going to use twice the amount ice to cool it all down. We don't like it either, but it's just solid science! Cool down your items before you pack them up or leave extra room for more ice.

6. Sunlight = Heat. You are probably packing a cooler because you are headed into the great outdoors. Being in the sun is just part of it! Just try to find a shady spot to set your cooler to keep it from direct sunlight. Even throwing a beach towel over it will help. 

7. Ice, Ice . . . matters. Did you know there are different kinds of ice quality? Us either! (Until we started researching for this blog!) Make sure the ice you are using is made of bigger pieces and that there isn't already water in the bag. "Drippy" bags of ice only mean that the life of your ice has already been cut in half. Freezer blocks or blocked ice are also great options to help extend the cool in your cooler.

The ice of the matter is that it won't last forever BUT following some of these helpful tips and tricks will help keep you, and your drinks, cool on a hot day. Now grab your GLITZY and enjoy the day!

July 02, 2021 — Tedra Franklin


Melissa Gnibus said:

Do you sell parts for these icechest? I seem to have lost a bolt on mine.

Ashlyn said:

I just got a 20 quart cheetah print color for my birthday last week when I opened it, it was chipping away and it won’t stop. Someone tell me what to do!!

Ashlyn said:

I just got a 20 quart cheetah print color for my birthday last week when I opened it, it was chipping away and it won’t stop. Someone tell me what to do!!

Julie Willie said:

Good luck getting correct product and a response or call back when what you ordered and paid for was not correct. They even ask for a picture to prove like I wasn’t telling the truth and I sent one and nothing, like they are ghosts.

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