Valentine's Day is almost here, and what feels more like a love letter to yourself than getting a new outfit in the mail?

The attraction starts the moment you start browsing, swiping and adding to cart with wild abandon! Then, you review your choices. Which ones can you commit to? You make your choice, and it's true LOVE! You place your order and now it's time for the hard part...but we won't keep you waiting too long, we know you're impatient.

Within a day or two, you get that steamy email you've been waiting for--your package has shipped! You pine away, like Juliet on the balcony--waiting for any sign of delivery. Finally, the moment is here...your very own pink package. It has your name boldly stamped on it, and it's like seeing your name tattooed on a contoured chest, covering a heart that beats only for you. Your pulse races, you tear it open and it's better than you ever thought it could be. It compliments you, hugs your curves, makes you the center of attention....all of the things you DESERVE!

Fall in love with our Valentine's Collection now and get cute tee to wear to work, a date night look or a 'Galentine's' day outfit! 

Show your intentions with a graphic tee for a cute casual outift....and maybe a hint for someone special!

Feeling savage about V-Day? We've got the perfect tee for that, too!


Satisfy your 'sweet' tooth this this darling lace dress--it comes in three colors, and we're loving the lavender for Valentine's!

January 26, 2021 — Melodie Henderson


Joy said:

Please restock up your long maxi dresses. I want to buy some. Y’all don’t have them in 3x and 4×. My family want dresses for Mother’s Day. I love Against the wind, pretty pink. They are beautiful long dresses.💛

Veronica said:

love these looks! I bought items similar to these outfits from

Veronica said:

love these looks! I bought items similar to these outfits from

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