After a week of ice and snow in North Texas, a spontaneous trip to Malibu for some sun and style was the perfect cure for cabin fever!

"We went back to work on Friday, and found out that day we were leaving for Malibu on Saturday," said Amber Lappert, Brand Coordinator and the newest member of the GGB crew. "I had to run home and get spray tanned, pack a bag--we hadn't had water for days, so no laundry...but I knew we'd have water in Malibu!"

The Fab Fe on a beautiful Malibu morning!

Felicia Herron, GGB founder and CEO, on a beautiful Malibu morning!

While boutique owner Felicia and COO, Jessica met with manufacturers to continue designing the boutique's private line, Amber and GGB Photographer and Creative Director, Mel Howard, explored beaches and hiked cliffs to get the most beautiful shots Cali had to offer!

Amber soaking up some sun in spring tie dye!

"Before Mel and I broke off to shoot, Fe and Jess showed us how they choose fabric and design styles, we got to have a say in some of the styles that are coming," Amber said.

According to Jess, Glitzy is taking a note from LA's laid back style, looking toward designing cropped hoodies and leggings for the future. For this trip, the focus was Spring Break wear and transition into summer.

"We took two suitcases of styles and picked up two more from our manufacturer there," Jess said. Lots of tropical print, tie dye, sandals and denim cutoffs were shot on a private beach in Malibu.

"It was sunny and humidity!" Jess added. That makes a difference when you're shooting big hair, y'all! Styles shot in Malibu should start popping up on the website in about 3 weeks--just in time for spring!

 It wasn't all business, though! The Girlz enjoyed street tacos, micheladas and great seafood, and made a pit stop to visit a family member's new baby.

Cali is the best place for street tacos!

"We all tried Korean barbeque, and it was great," Amber said. "I'm from Houston and I thought we had the best barbeque! We also got a lot of Tik Toks done on the boardwalk. Some people who didn't speak English stopped to watch me do the dances, and they clapped every time I was finished," she said. "They thought I was a street performer!"

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Amber (left) and Jess, drinking Michis!


February 25, 2021 — Melodie Henderson

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