Hey, Girlz, Hey! The past few weeks at Glitzy have been a whirlwind, with three new members of the GLITZY Girl Gang in the mix!

This squad not only models, they produce content, host live videos, work with graphic design and so much more! The three newest faces were discovered during the Glitzy Model Call in February, and  they fit right into the family! Emma moved here just 6 days ago from Ohio. Felicia comes from Denison, where the auditions were held, Amber came from Houston and Lindsey from just up the road in Pottsboro, TX. And of course y'all know Jess! 

We thought it would be helpful to share their photos and stats with you, to help you better find your fit! Each style on our website has a detailed description, including the model's stats and exact measurements of  each size! Look for a video on how to measure yourself, and in the meantime, see if your body type matches any of the models pictured. If you don't, don't worry--we're adding more models in more sizes, coming soon! Happy Shopping!

Jess is 5'3. She wears a size 1X top and 14 plus jean.
Felicia is 5'5" She wears a size 2X top and 20 plus jean.

Emma is 5'2" She wears a size 2X top and size 14 plus jean.

Lindsey is 5'6" She wears a size 1X top and size 14 plus jean.
Amber is 5'3 She wears a size 1X top and size 14 plus jean. 

March 05, 2021 — Melodie Henderson


Delicia Moore said:

Let’s do this Felicia! Getting ready to make my first purchase.

MaryAnn said:

Love your styles of clothing but not sure how it will fit myself and my daughter we are tall I’m 5’ 11 wear a 2x /3x top usually and a 18 bottom my daughter is 6’1. “ 3x/4x top and a 24 bottom shelf is currently pregnant 🤰 so would need longer tops any suggestions??

Debbie King said:

Please show more tops that are you so low cut. I am older and don’t feel comfortable with my girls showing up.

Linsey said:

I am 6’0 and size 20/22 size 2x/3x shirts. Big busted, no butt. Would love to see similar models, makes buying so much easier. Love my jeans I just got from y’all!

Natasha Lowry said:

I don’t like to show my body in any way so I buy bigger to make sure it doesn’t show. I’m a 24/26 and could wear 4X but buy 6X to make sure it’s big.

Steph t said:

I’m 6’0. 2x/3x tops. No flat stomach. 18/20 jeans

Pam said:

Felicia is my girl! Now if I can just remember that!!

5’4” 18/20 here

Laci said:

How about some taller plus size gals, there are some of us who can never find a good length because pants are always catered to shorties. Let’s see some apples! Meaning plus size gals with bigger stomachs, thanks.

5’8 2x top 18/20 pants

Stephanie Turco said:

Im 5’9", 3x on top and and 18/20 pants.

Rachel W said:

Would love to see 24 pant and 3xl top. All the girls look amazing not matter what size.

Vanessa Rodriguez said:

I would love to see a sort model :)
I’m 5 ’0 and a 3x or 22

Jamie said:

Lets see somebody with prominent hip dips!

Melissa said:

Would love to see a plus size model perhaps thats isnt blessed with a chest. Im 5’5 wear a 20/22 and 3x shirt.

jenni hardy said:

Yes I am a size 18-20 bottom and 2x top with some stomachbwould love to see that on a mod

Ann Sampson said:

I would love to see some extra curvy models that wear 3X and above like me! Hey I’ll even be a model! ☺️

Racquel Elkins said:

I am a size 24/26 with a 3-4x top depending the style.

Racquel Elkins said:

I am a size 24/26 with a 3-4x top depending the style.

Amy Rigney said:

Can we maybe see more plus size models that are size 20 and above? Not all of us are plus with flatter stomachs. I’d love to see someone who is 24 and above so that I can see what your clothes look like in extended sizes. This is very important if you are going to have clothing up to 6×. We don’t care about perfection, we all want to see realness…well at least I do.

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