Glitzy's new Neoprene bags  are popping up everywhere from the gym to the office and it's got us like--"What the heck is Neoprene?"

I'll be honest I had to look it up and it's pretty cool--it's the same stuff wet suits for deep sea diving are made of. You probably also have rainboots that are lined with Neoprene, so you're probably gathering that it's water resistant!  

Because water bottles leak, sometimes you end up with a sippy cup in there, gym clothes can be sweaty and if you live in Texas, a thunderstorm can come up pretty fast--might be sunny and 75 at one end of the car and a flash flood at the other end. 

If you've seen our bags, you know they come in ultra trendy prints like leopard and camo with that Glitzy pink stripe that makes it pop. They have a long shoulder strap so you can sling it, cross-body it or grab it and go. It's perfect with our Glitzy Gulp Water Jug for gym days and outings. It holds half a gallon of water or two whole bottles of wine. That's purely for information, do with it what you will!

Check out how our Girlz style their Neoprene collection and bag it up!

August 23, 2021 — Melodie Henderson


Connie Murray Dakin said:

I think I have ordered from you 1 time. I now have reoccurring money being taken out of my bank account. In the amount of 29.97 monthy I have not authorized this. I had ordered something a while back. I paid on full for the item. Please refund my money. Thank You

Jennifer gunter m said:

Do you still have the bags and water bottles

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