Happy Wednesday! There’s been a lot of talk around the Glitzy Girlz headquarters today about how you can hear 10 nice things, and then one negative comment sucks the wind right out of your sails! That’s something we can all work on together, girlz. Appreciate the good, take the bad with a grain of salt, and when someone says something nice to you, appreciate it--and pass it on!

With that said, we thought we’d share some of the bright spots in our week—your Facebook comments about loving your deliveries from Glityz Girlz! Maybe it will help new customer feel good about making a purchase—we know it made us feel good! Take a look, but before you go, remember: “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the honest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” -Leo Buscaglia.  Feel free to share the love in comments!

“I just received my clothes, and I am so excited that they all fit so well!!! The jeans are amazing!!! I love the little stretch that they have. They look great, and they are so comfy!!! Thanks!!!

“I got my first order today!! I got 7 shirts and 2 dresses all in size med and they all fit me perfect!! Thank you so much!! I’m actually planning another order now!!” ❤️❤️❤️

“I bought this very cute top and it just come in today!! I tried it on and I’m in love with it! I got a 2X and it’s true to size! I wanted mine a little bigger so that’s why! It’s light weight and just thin enough that you won’t burn up if you wear it on one of those Louisiana days wear it’s freezing in the morning and warm by lunch time and back cold by 5 lol! It’s just short enough in the front to cover and long enough in the back to cover as well!! I got the one size fits all black leggings to go with it and they are soft and a good thickness! A little tight on me but they fit! Can’t wait to wear my new outfit and will diffidently be ordering from Glitzy Girlz Boutique again!” 💗💗💗

“I just got my order today! Holy fast shipping!! My husband loves my new stuff and it fits! I'm in trouble now lol

“I just got my order today and I LOVE it! The graphic t-shirt is SO comfortable.”

“I ordered from this shop for the first time this week. Was totally leary because you just never know ordering online. I got my products and am in love with them!!! They are gonna be my go to shop going forward!!”

“I’m new to this company & have ordered several items from them. I have been pleased with the speed of delivery and the quality of the clothes. Love the pay in 4 installments too! They have made a lifelong customer! Thank you Glitzy Girlz!”

October 24, 2018 — Melodie Henderson


Ally Fischer said:

Ordered 2 shirts beginning of July for a girls weekend trip…. Now a week before I still haven’t gotten an email about shipping and such… tried calling customer service… nobody is there to help and I’ve tried to email and I have had no response… now that it’s the end of July I have to go else where to get shirts because the ones I ordered from here have still not shipped.

Amanda said:

Ordered a carnigan in the middle of October, I still have not received it. I have emailed they would reply back we are working on it. Still haven’t seen no tracking number.

Hannah said:

While shopping for a back to school dress, I just couldn’t not find “the one.” I should have read the return policy.. i however settled for a gift certificate upon return the original item I purchased. Every other item I wanted to purchase with the gift certificate was out of stock!!! I checked for weeks on end and items I considered purchasing were still out of stock! Finally, I ended up purchasing the only sneakers in my size left. The gift certificate would have been enough to cover the cost of shoes + shipping & handling… This company does not allow gift certificates to be used towards shipping and handling. So not only was about $12 wasted on my gift certificate, I also had to pay $10 in shipping + handling fees! I LOVE to shop small & support small business, but this experience just created such a headache. Maybe one day they’ll consider reviewing their return/exchange policies to make it easier on their customers!

Lauren said:

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, site showed my order didn’t go through so I resubmitted and somehow both went through and they refuse to cancel one of them due to policy, I understand policy but I’m not cancelling for no reason, YOUR site showed it didn’t go through! Now I’ll be paying not only for the item twice but also the shipping to…THE SAME ADDRESS..because they can update the address after an order is placed yet don’t have access to cancel it..makes sense

Ashlee said:

Been shopping at Glitzy Girl for a long time and I feel like the quality of the items has gone way down most of the clothes get holes in them after only wearing a few times cheap made but not for cheap prices

Ragan said:

I love the clothes so cute. I am finding that they are definitely not true to size. I always wear a 3x top except at GG. Now, the tee shirts are true to size but I need a 4x in most other tops and sometimes I don’t even think a 5 or 6x would work and I think it is the material. The tops hang and hug my fat rolls and I can’t stand it and it is so disappointing because the clothes are so cute.

Julie Willie said:

Good luck getting correct product and a response or call back when what you ordered and paid for was not correct. They even ask for a picture to prove like I wasn’t telling the truth and I sent one and nothing, like they are ghosts

Kayla Fuller said:

I bought a big tye dye cooler and the glitzy emblem is crooks and the top is all scratched up .

Rachael said:

In regards to my recent review. I recently recieved an email from GGB apologizing for the miscommunication. I did send pictures with proof of return, which, I’m sure helped. They are providing me with a full refund. Thank you GGB!!! 😊

Rachael Silvaz said:

I ordered a jumpsuit and decided to return. I was told by the store I could still return it. I did just that. For some reason, it was returned back to me making the package late. As SOON as I got it back, I emailed them and sent a pic of returned item so they could see the date stamp. They NEVER replied. I called and no answer. I sent it out the next day after it was returned. I emailed another pic with NO RESPONSE!!!! The only response I got was when they received item to let me know that I had to pay again to have it returned to me because it was past 30 days. I have ordered many things from Glitzy and loved every item!!! I will no longer be ordering from them. All I wanted was a simple response after my several attempts!!!

Jacqueline Frey said:

Ordered two items and had to return both. That’s besides the point… I followed up two weeks post shipping it back and 11 days after they received it, they claim to have “not received the item”. I forwarded the tracking information and have not received a reply. VERY poor customer service.

Stacey Garrett said:

I notice that all comments must be “checked” before publishing. I also notice there is not one negative comment anywhere on your website. In my first transaction I am so frustrated that the item was WAY TOO SMALL and it is the size I wear pretty much across the board. Not only will you not refund shipping costs on returns but you don’t pay for return shipping AND ONLY offer returns as in store credit. That is very frustrating and I will no longer be purchasing from this company. What makes you think if I can’t fit in that size that I want to purchase something else and pay for more shipping?

Sarah Hill said:

Hello, Do you ship to Canada?

Brandi Johnson said:

Recd all my purchases, super fast too.
Had purchased 3 tops for my future DIL and she adored everyone of them. Excellent merchandise and love the option of afterpay.

Kelli Ross said:

Just wanted to let you lovely ladies know that I got my package from Eskimo’s Joes(remember me) and I love it. Just perfect.
I ordered the rusty sweater with the buckle sleeves and latticework front. It is the most beautiful sweater that I have seen in years. I wish it canes in different colors because I would order every color. There’s not many CURVY items that make me smile from ear to ear when I put them on. I’m 55 yrs young and I floated all day I had it on! Keep up the good work and keep buying classy clothes for all of your curvy girls. Thanks so much!!!!!

Amanda Powell said:

This was the first time I ordered from GlitzyGirlz. When i got the package, all of the items fit great! Awesome quality too! One of the items I ordered ended up selling out. In the package there was a hand written note in the package letting me know it was sold out and an apology. There was also 2 super cute braclets added! I have to say that went a long way! I appreciated the gesture and felt appreciated for being a customer. I will definitely be a longtime costumer now!

Kim Jones said:

I received my order last Friday. I tried it on and was disappointed that the sleeves were too tight. I ordered your 3X in a cardigan and a shirt. I am bummed that you only give store credit because I feel like nothing in your store is going to fit me. What can I do?

Michele Fick said:

Just received my boots and they are amazing!! This was my first time visiting your site, and I will be ordering again!!

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