Size Matters--Here's Your Guide!

Melodie Henderson

Posted on October 15 2018

Size Matters--Here's Your Guide!

We’re having a ‘fit’ today—not the kind where you stomp your foot and storm out of the room (although we enjoy one of those from time to time).

Today, we’re talking sizing charts. We carry size from Small to 3X, and if you’re wondering how our amazing Glitzy Girlz styles will look on you, here’s the skinny—and the curvy, and everything in between!

I know from personal experience that when you order things online, they don’t always fit like you think they will. I once ordered a swimsuit from an overseas company, and was super excited about the great deal I got. My best friend said that I should NEVER buy a swimsuit online from an unknown company, and that there’s no way it would fit. Three weeks later, I got to prove him wrong.  It fit great—on my 12 year-old daughter!

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether our clothes run true to size. While we all know that brand sizing is not standard across the board, most of the time our sizes are comparable to what you would find in your average department store—they’re just a whole lot cuter! If you’re a size medium in most brands, you’re going to find that our medium fits the same way. If an item runs large or small, including footwear, we’re going to tell you in the product description.

Another important element in our product descriptions is that we always tell you what size the model is wearing, as well as listing her jeans and dress size along with her height. You’ll also notice that we show models of differing stature, ranging in height from 5’ flat to 5’7”, and different body types. We hope it gives you an idea of how an outfit will look on you! Meet our models below!

Size Chart Small Medium Large Extra-Large

Number Size

2/4 6/8 10/12 14/16
Bust 30-34 34-36 36-38 40-42
Waist 22-27 28-29 30-31 32-33
Hips 30-35 36-37 38-39 41-42


Plus Size Chart X-Large XX-Large XXX-Large

Number Size

14/16 18/20 22/24
We hope this helps, we want your amazing new pieces to give you the fit you want--and before you go, remember: Fit isn’t a size, it’s a feeling!

Meet Kady--she's 5'6" and wears a size 5 jean and size 4 dress. She wears a size Small in Glitzy Girlz tops, cardigans and kimonos.

This is Preslie! She's 5'6" and wears a size 1 jean and size 2 dress. She is pictured wearing a Small in Glitzy Girlz top and vest.

Here's Taylor! She is 5' and wears a size 14/16 plus jean and 14 plus dress. She wears a size 1X (the same as extra large) in Glitzy Girlz tops and vests.

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