Hey, Girlz, Hey! Just a few hours ago, the Glitzy fam wrapped on our second model call, and I honestly couldn't wait to share it with ALL of you!
When I say I wish that every one of you could have been here, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. It was the kind of experience we should all get to have. When we announce the next one, get here!
 To the 60 curvy women who came from all over the country to meet with us and chase a dream, you made this day what it was; a 'YES' Day. You said yes to yourselves in a bold and breathtaking way by being part of the Glitzy Sisterhood! 
We kicked off the event with a Meet & Greet in the ballroom at the Hilton, where I got to be your 'Audition Mom,' our team got to share with you what we do and who we are. Glitzy Girlz Founder, Owner and CEO, Felicia Herron shared how her fashion empire started out as a bow shop and grew into a whole-ass LIFESTYLE for curvy women! Our COO and Model, Jess gave the Girlz a crash course in modeling, and videographer Matt got everybody gassed up and ready to go.
After that, we headed next door for a lil' Girlz Night Out fun with drinks and bowling! There were lots of laughs and a few tears when boutique owner Fe's Herron's son, Ethan, stopped by to present her with a bumper sticker that said 'Proud Mom of a Solider,' which he got earlier that day when he enlisted in the Army.  We love you, Ethan! Pray for that momma and son.
Saturday was audition day, and our crew looked fabulous in 'Babes Support Babes' graphic tees--and yes, we know you want them and we'll get them here as quick as we can. Our Graphic Designer, Mandy and HR Manager, Tedra, literally made at them the office the day before the event because the message was important to our Creative Director and Photographer, Mel. And boy, did it set the right tone! We saw women getting to know each other and making friends, making videos together, making memories.
Cheyenne (she's done just about everything at Glitzy) was available to meet models at the hotel and drive them to the audition in a Glitzy Jeep! Then you met our Glitzy check-in crew, Hannah (she's the one you talk to and email for customer service), Tara & Angelina (they put together your online orders) and Taylor (wholesale), who volunteered to help because they wanted to be part of this amazing day. Lauren, our Brand Outreach Coordinator, became a mom less than three weeks ago, but she was there from set up to take down, and took all of Jess & Fe's audition notes. What a boss babe!
We photographed and interviewed everyone in a gorgeous loft above the TRYIncubator on Denison's historic Main Street, and across the hall, another loft served as a Tik Tok room, where our private bartender kept the champagne flowing! We had three sets to shoot with, and the most popular was the GLITZY cooler wall. Five lucky winners took home their own cooler!
Videos the Girlz made will be entered in a contest for a gift card and to be featured on our Tik Tok page, and a winner will be announced Feb. 8. How lucky were we that today was the first day for our newest full time Glitzy Girl, Amber? She moved to town Friday and Saturday she ran the Tik Tok room, helping with ideas, filming and all around Glitziness!
When they weren't posing for the camera and shooting videos, I had a chance to interview several of the Girlz about curves, taking chances, getting confident and staying that way, inspiring others by being the person we need someone to be for us. It truly was a "Be Somebody who makes Everybody feel like a Somebody" moment. Videographer Lauren and our camera crew, Jeremy and Andy captured all of the magic, and you're going to see it aired in segments on our You Tube channel!
We had nurses, teachers, volunteer firefighters, mothers, even a funeral director--but today, they were all models. It was exciting, inspiring, uplifting...and so much fun! Even though this may be the only time some of our paths cross, we believe we were MEANT to share this experience with you.
We're so excited about the future of Glitzy, the new partnerships that will come from this, and sharing this journey with all of you. Now we have the task of going through everyone's photos and selecting the ones we'll be working with next. Everyone who came through the door had something valuable to offer, and while we can't bring everyone into the Glitzy Family, you're definitely ALL part of the Sisterhood. Big things are happening, and we're so glad you're part of it. We're planning the next one....who's ready to go on the Glitzy journey?
January 31, 2021 — Melodie Henderson


Shari Lee said:

I have placed 2 orders my first order was placed on 10/15/2023 Order #780256 shows unfulfilled, and my second order placed on 10/21/2023 has shipped.

Can I please receive an update on my first order?


Latasha Eldridge said:

Hey I don’t know if this site is real some say ots closed but i ordered some clothes and haven’t received them what is the phone #for customer service

Ranie Webb said:

I just joined the Glitzy Girlz Ambassador team! I am Super Stoked! I couldn’t believe I found a true curvy girl brand! I’m All In! Every woman in my family Thanks you! I am originally from N.Tx but I Live in Slidell Louisiana and we need you here! So, I am spreading the Gospel! I’m there at next Call for sure! 😍
Thx Oodles!

Janna Walker said:

Oh my goodness this sounds like so much fun! At 59 I’m looking to my next adventures. I still work full time but always look for ways to tap into my creative side Which will be my Focus for the next chapter in life. I may be closer to retirement but my head and my heart aren’t ready to be put out to pasture just yet! I would love to know more!

Jessica D. said:

The vibe, the energy. The smiles, the styles. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so amazing. The confidence is becoming contagious, and I can’t explain how grateful I am to have found Glitzy Girlz.

Rachelle Hunter said:

I love fashion. I would love to be at the next model call event

Danielle Oetting said:

I’m ready!!! I’d love to come to the next event!

Alexa said:

When will you be doing this again?! :)

Miranda Landers said:

So fun! What an amazing experience! This is definitely one memory I’ll have for a life time! Thank you so much!

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