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Trufflin' Sow Beard Oil

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Product Details

Our awesome Beard Oil base is super-moisturizing and contains a great blend of oils to tame the wildest of beards!

The skin-balancing oils in each of our beard oils are specifically chosen not just for their hair-taming benefits, but also for their skin-nourishing properties.

Whether you get oily skin under your beard, or sometimes get dry and itchy — the combination of oils in this product will help to balance your skin naturally, leaving your face, and your beard, looking and feeling as awesome as you are!

Here is a brief description of our scents available:

Cowboy — Leather, Amber, and Bergamot

Cherry Bomb — Sweet smelling Cherry with a touch of Almond

The Woodsman — Fir Needle and Lavender

Dragon's Blood — Orange, Patchouli, Wood, & Rose

Eucalyptus —  Eucalyptus & Tea Tree

Mountaineer — Wood & Herbs

Lavender Lover — Lavender Soap Bar with Shea Butter

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